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Garden Landscape Why (or why not) hire a Landscape Designer?

By Nancy Claire Hansen
Owner, Artistic Garden Concepts

When I’m first introduced to people and their landscape, they’ve generally already sold themselves on the importance of hiring a landscape designer. Sadly, so many of these folks have already learned the hard way...

The good news is: if I do right by them, we’ll get it right the first time and save money in the long run. After all, a good landscape designer lives, eats, and breathes concepts that you only have to deal with maybe a couple of times in your life; it makes sense that they could make your life a lot easier during those few times...

I hear those golden words “I never would have thought of this” on almost every design I participate in. (We designers live for words like these). Our goal is to take your life style, your tastes, and your individual signature to help you translate all of that into your outdoor spaces.

And yet, I’m writing this article for those of you who haven’t made up your mind, I know there are many of you who are wavering because we haven’t been invited to your yards and gardens just yet. The question, for you, of course, is whether or not to hire a designer to assist you with your project.

And frankly, we’re not for everyone.

There are situations in which I’m absolutely sure that you should not involve me in your landscape project.
  1. You are happy with the way things are. (It’s OK, maybe I’ll see you in a few years...)
  2. You want to impress/appease neighbors. (not a good incentive – plan a garden for your own use and employment!)
  3. You’re moving in the next couple of years (we specialize in helping you plan the yard you will be living in; plants take time to grow up. If you won’t be there to enjoy them, call me when you move!)

There are also some landscape situations where you might be just fine embarking on a smaller outdoor project without professional assistance: a small accent flowerbed, a single re-circulating water feature, patio, trellis, etc. Doing the work yourself, if you have the time and talent, or hiring a landscape installer directly might be advisable in these situations. Or having a designer out for a single consultation may indeed be enough. We love it if we can get you up and running in a single consultation, honestly.

I have heard from some people that didn’t feel that they were the “designer type.” I don’t quite know what that is; let me reassure you, there is no “designer type”. We work with passionate gardeners, who want their gardens to look like the latest garden magazine issue (that’s another subject). Even more often, we get the guys who just want their outdoor spaces organized and looking great without a lot of fuss. The profile of our clients run the gamut of wealthy, thrifty, neat-nicks, downright confessed slobs, tree-hugging environmentalists, control freaks, etc. Our job isn’t to impose who we are in your space; but rather, to help you convey who you are in your space.

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